Trisha's Blog

Canon Trisha Wick retired from CMS where she was a Mission Partner in South Sudan .
She is now a Pioneer Minister in Hull at the St Margarets Welcome Centre on Longhill Estate

Thursday, 6 July 2017


Warmest greetings to you all. Here is the latest news:
During the past month:   Mother's Union members came to our Cafe to meet with their worldwide leader. We had a very good Management Meeting with everyone present and a great atmosphere of cooperation, respect, good brain storming together and we were pleased to have two younger members too. I abseiled down Hull Minster tower. A new part time Caretaker has been appointed and started work. We have three new volunteers for the Cafe. We had some new families come to Messy Church. We joined in the Feeding of the 5,000 in the City Centre. I joined in the Open Day at Longhill House our local Care Home. Each week for three weeks classes from Wansbeck Primary School came to visit the Welcome Centre. The children have also drawn pictures of Longhill ready for our special events in July. Our weekly Bible Study group has been working through the Book of James. A couple of new people have come to our weekly Holy Communion service. One of our supporters is busy building a wooden boat to go on the grass outside the Hall and in which we will grow flowers. Someone else is making fish to decorate our Cafe. Door to Door work I have been doing has been brilliant with more useful contacts made resulting in new people coming into out Cafe. I had a pastoral visit from the Deanery of Hull Fresh Expressions Facilitator.  I also had my annual visit and review of my work which was done by Bishop Graham Cray - I was encouraged and affirmed by our time together. A young man called Shaun who lives on Longhill has offered to play the piano for our services. Our gardener, Tony, has done a brilliant job with our vegetable garden and we are now eating the produce in the Cafe. Our monthly Breakfast Specials (a large breakfast for £2) is a huge success. The Cafe has planned to start a monthly Over 50's Lunch.
Thank you to those of you who have been praying for my Mother, Muriel. She has been very poorly for a month now. She has had huge blisters (four inches on her feet and two inches on her hands) breaking out over her body. When they burst there is the danger of infection resulting in her being heavily bandaged and needing large plasters too. She has been in and out of hospital but no one seems to be able to diagnose the problem. We are still waiting for a dermatologist to come from York to see her. On top of all this she has now been diagnosed with the MRSA bug.  I have been frustrated at not being able to see her very often and rely on updates from the Home or Hospital. PLEASE CAN YOU PRAY VERY STRONGLY FOR A CORRECT DIAGNOSIS AND HEALING FOR HER AND RESTORATION TO REASONABLE HEALTH. SHE MISSES GOING OUT AND IS NOT HAPPY TO BE MISSING CHURCH.
LONGHILL SONGS OF PRAISE - Wednesday July 19th at 4.00pm. Favourite songs with interviews, poems, school contributions etc. Pray for new people to join us and for God's over ruling for each item including the music.
SUMMER FAYRE - Saturday July 22nd from 11.00am - 2.00pm. Pray for good weather so the stalls can be outside. The Cafe will be open and there will be games too.
DON'T MISS THE BOAT - on Saturday July 22nd from 11.00am - 2.00pm we will be building a huge boat out of cardboard boxes and hope adults and children will join us for this. At 2.00pm our BOAT PARTY will start. We will judge a model boat competition, have a parade and children's craft and games, have special boat food in the Cafe and at 3.00pm the children will destroy the boat! We need a fine day so pray for good weather and for lots of people to attend and join in.
Your prayers and support is much appreciated.

Trisha Wick