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Canon Trisha Wick retired from CMS where she was a Mission Partner in South Sudan .
She is now a Pioneer Minister in Hull at the St Margarets Welcome Centre on Longhill Estate

Monday, 5 June 2017


Greetings everyone. Here is the latest news and prayer requests:
ABSEILING - this Friday June 9th at 10.00am I will be abseiling down the tower of Hull Minster to raise money for their development programme. They are helping to resource our work on Longhill. If you want to sponsor me that would be great - cheques made payable to: Rev. P. Wick. There is a spiritual meaning to this abseil - God wants us to trust him as we step into the unknown and God wants us to try and do new things for Him.
DOOR TO DOOR - thank you for praying for Calder Grove and St. Margaret's Court. I have had a great time with no door slammed in my face. Had good conversations and many useful contacts. It is helping me to learn from Longhill residents and understand their needs more. Pray for Brent Avenue and Shannon Road as I move on to do these streets this month.
RIVERS OF LIFE - the theme of our City of Culture Events: Longhill Songs of Praise on Wednesday July 19th at 4.00pm, Don't Miss The Boat on July 22nd which is the same day as out Summer Fayre. Our Harvest Service in September will follow the same theme. We are now seeking cash donations for these events to go ahead. Please surround these events with your prayers.
CARETAKER - we hope to appoint a part time Caretaker to free me a little from the building. Interviews are on June 12th. Pray for the person of God's choice to be appointed.
MAGGIE'S CAFE - our first Breakfast Special which is a large breakfast for £2 is a new initiative on the last Friday each month. The first one at the end of May was a huge success with over 50 breakfasts being cooked and many new people entering the building. We hope soon to start a Pensioner's Lunch and then later a Veteran's Lunch. Pray for Jill and her team.
PEACE KEEPING - it's amazing how much of my time is spent problem solving and trying to keep the peace between people. Pray for wisdom in this challenge.
ROOM BOOKINGS - Pray for more room bookings to increase our income. We have even reduced the cost of hiring the Hall!
CHURCH DEVELOPMENT - Pray as I soon hope to meet with a group of non church goers/non Christians to seek their advice as to how to do church on Longhill in a new way which will attract them to come.
NEW PEOPLE NEEDED  - pray for new people to join our weekly Bible Study and our Thursday Holy Communion Service.
It's exciting what God is doing but we need to surround everything with prayer so please keep praying as we are seeing answers to your prayers.
God bless and many thanks

Trisha Wick

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