Trisha's Blog

Canon Trisha Wick has just retired from CMS where she was a Mission Partner in South Sudan .
She is now a Pioneer Minister in Hull at the St Margarets Welcome Centre on Longhill Estate

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Mum enjoyed afternoon tea at Stain Glass Tearoom today.


I was hoping that August would be a quieter month so I could catch up on some things which I don’t usually have time to do. However this was not the case – it was a busy month. We had extra activities run by the Acorn Children’s Centre and others by the wider Hull Library Service. There was an African Adventure for housebound Library readers and special activities for children too. Our Social Planning Group met and we have arranged five special activities taking us towards Christmas – this includes a monthly Cafe Church. We had a bring and share lunch after one of our Thursday morning Holy Communion services. The Cafe shut for the first week of August to give everyone a rest. I held a dinner party for our three new Recognized Parish Assistants so we can work out their new role at St. Margaret’s. I did induction for some new volunteers we have. We held a Children’s Holiday Club which children and parents really enjoyed. Various repairs etc. were completed in the building (on going maintenance is a real challenge!). I held an afternoon tea at my house for all those who attend spiritual activities (separate from other activities in the building). There was much laughter and it has done a lot to develop our church family. I had a meeting with East Mount Recreation Centre which is also on Longhill and we now have an excellent partnership. I went to two funding training events.  I went to Bolton to preach on one Sunday. I’ve enjoyed lunch or supper out with several friends on different occasions which is a real tonic as it is a distraction from the work for a while. We did a fire drill in the building which went very smoothly. Thanks to all who remembered my birthday on Sept. 4th. I went with a friend for an amazing meal at Wings International Restaurant. I’ve had a quarterly meeting with the Library to deal with any issues arising from them being in the building with us – it is working well for all of us. I met with a couple of possible donors. I also attended the Certificate Giving ceremony for our three Recognized Parish Assistants – Barbara, Alison and Karen. I’m not mentioning all the admin. and grant applications I did!  Plus dealing with vandalism outside the building. Phew ! It was a busy month!!
I have been asked about starting some new groups so have put up a notice to see how much interest there is and to find leaders if they are to go ahead – Basic sign language, Dance Group and a Dominoes Group. I am doing on going weekly counseling sessions with several individuals. We have three more new volunteers who want to start. Our Management Committee will meet. We will have a St. Margaret’s Church Reunion on 13th for those who have worshipped at St. Margaret’s in the past since the 1950’s when we will share memories, learn from the history of the church and share possible new ways forward for the future. More repair work on the building. A Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 course. A McMillan Coffee Morning on 30th. Our weekly Bible Study has started a new course with the topic of 'How can my church grow?' - studies in the Book of Acts. Our Cafe is getting busier again after a lull during the summer holidays. I have funding applications to complete. All this is in addition to our regular activities, supervision of staff and building etc.  I hope to take the last week of September as holiday.
1.   Pray for my Mum – on going visits which are important, plus healing for her right eye so she does not lose her sight.
2.   Pray for more churches to support us in prayer and giving as a mission area.
3.   Pray for our church reunion on 13th
4.   Pray for security for the building and protection from vandalism
5.   Pray for our monthly Cafe Church. We need musicians. Our Harvest Festival and Harvest Supper is on Oct. 5th.
6.   Pray for people to become Christians
7.   More volunteers who can cook are needed for the Cafe
8.   Heating for the Hall to be installed quickly
9.   Balance between work and leisure and family
10. More people to rent rooms in the building
11. Assistance with admin. and fundraising etc.

12. Development of relationships with our networks and partners

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


A special poem written by Richard Harries for my Licensing last night
My poem dedicated to Trisha on the day of her licensing :
Making a Difference
A poem for the Licensing of Patricia Wick at Longhill, Hull
How to make a difference
Patricia knows how
She has faith and hope
And above all else love
Love for Jesus
God and
She has family in so many senses
Her own family with so much love for all of them
Especially her beloved mother
So important a part of her life
At 90
Her family within the church
Her family in Sudan
And her family here at Longhill
So many people she has touched
Affected and enriched
With her love, faith and hope
As she makes her way through such a productive life
Her Ministry in South Sudan
Was long
And beautiful
She made a difference
And an impact
Through her faith and love
And hard work
She has a mission in life and this mission
Continues here in Longhill
At St Margaret’s
Where again
She is making a difference
What an amazing change for her
And yet another great challenge
To bring hope and faith back
Into a community
That needs help
In these difficult times
A time of huge changes
Her appointment here
And now her licensing
Her prayers for funding to free
Her for her Pioneering in the Community
May these come to fruition?
But there have been small changes too:
She recently bought
Her first bottle of Prosecco
And thought it tasted the same as champagne
And she also had her hair cut shorter
On this significant day I am sure
Everyone here
All of whom have had
Their lives affected and enriched
By Trisha
All pray for her
On this day of her licensing
And all pray for success in all she
Dreams of and works so hard for
Oh Lord grant our prayers for her future

Longhill News for July 2016

Hi everyone. Here's the latest news from Longhill:
1.  My Licensing Service on July 5th was amazing. 60 people crammed into our Cafe for the 45 minute informal service. One third of the people were from our Longhill community, one third were from local churches in Hull and one third were friends and supporters from further afield - Southport, Bolton, Leeds, Grantham, Scarborough, Bridlington and Filey. Bishop Alison was superb - informal, flexible and so supportive. Many thanks to my team of volunteers for preparing the buffet. I was touched by so much love and support shown on a very special evening.
2.  Several local partners are wanting to hire rooms for special occasions. This will bring many more people into our building as well as some income.
3.  Due to some generous gifts we have been able to replace most of our ageing and worn out kitchen equipment.
4.  During the last 10 days we have had 5 more people wanting to join our team of volunteers. This includes two people on placements in the Cafe.
5.  I want to give thanks for Kath who was our volunteer Cafe Manager from September last year until  early April this year when Jill Lister began paid employment as part time Cafe Manager. It was due to Kath in particular that our Cafe was able to reopen and get to the standard Environmental Health expected. Kath is no longer on the Cafe rota as her health is not good and she also has many family concerns. Please pray for her.
6.  Our church family is growing in numbers and commitment.
1.  From October we are going to start regular midweek services once a month - initially tying in with special occasions: Harvest Festival in October, Time of Remembrance in November and a Christmas Celebration in December. Barbara, Karen and Alison who are all training as Recognized Parish Assistants will form the nucleus of a team helping me to organize these.
2.  Six project proposals have been sent off to try and raise funds - pray for successful outcomes
3.  The Conservation Volunteers are to help us with our garden behind the Chapel which at present is very overgrown. They will raise funds and send volunteers to work with our volunteers to develop the garden.
4.  We love having the Library in our building but numbers of people visiting them are still small. New signs will go up soon so people will know where to find them but please pray for many more people to come and benefit from all they offer.
5.  Pray for our Summer Fair on July 16th. We need good weather and lots of people to come.
6.  Many of our volunteers are struggling with challenging situations in their families/homes - health issues, debt, relationships, unemployment etc. Please pray for them. We are a very caring family in the Welcome Centre and there is plenty of love and care shown and listening ears available as we try to support one another.
Many thanks for your prayers, interest and support.

Trisha Wick

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Hi everyone. My news for this month is contained in the following prayer requests:
1.    BAKE OFF AND STREET PARTY - this is next Saturday (11th). Judging of the cakes is at 2.00 pm and the Street Party starts at 3.00 pm. Pray for good weather and fun for all.
2.    MY LICENSING - this is on Tuesday July 5th at 6.00 pm in Maggie's Cafe in our Welcome Centre. Please pray and also come and join us. The Bishop of Hull will officiate.
3.    KITCHEN EQUIPMENT - please pray for £1,500 needed to replace old kitchen equipment and buy some new items as we seek to develop the Cafe.
4.    ASSISTANT MANAGER - Pray for God to provide an Assistant Manager so I can spend less time tied to the building.
5.    VOLUNTEERS - thank God for the team of about 24 I have that we may work happily together and find great joy in our work
6.    CAFE HELPERS - we have good plans to develop the Cafe but need at least two more volunteers to join the team. Can you help me find someone or even offer yourself? This is urgent. One day a week from 9.00 am - 2.00 pm is what is needed. We will train all those who volunteer.
7.    LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS - I have met some amazing local people who wish to work in partnership with us. Pray for wisdom as to how to move this forward.
8.    GARDENING - our garden is very overgrown. We need two people to sort it out and grow vegetables.
9.    FUNDRAISING - this is tedious but needs to be done. Pray for success in obtaining grants. Pray for churches to support us too as we are a mission area.
10.  CHRISTIANITY GROUP  - this week we are starting some new studies looking at the Book of Philippians. We have just completed the 'Moving On' course.
11.  MISSION SHAPED MINISTRY COURSE  - we started last September and are about to finish. It has been valuable to be part of it
12.  SUMMER FAIR - this is on Saturday July 16th from 11.00 am - 2.00 pm. Pray for the team organizing it.
13.  LOCAL COUNCILORS - I am very grateful to them for their support and funding.
14.  I.T. AND BISCUITS - we are holding a training on June 14th for those who need help with their computer, tablet or iphone.
15.  SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT - God is laying on our hearts that we should do a Holiday Club this summer and then in the Autumn start a children's after school group with a spiritual foundation. We are also considering starting a monthly Cafe Church. These will only happen if we have teams to lead them!
16.  LIBRARY - it is great to have them in the building with us. Pray for numbers of people visiting the Library to increase.
17.  RECOGNIZED PARISH ASSISTANTS - pray for our three candidates doing the course. They are nearly half way through.
18.  SAFETY - pray for safety at all times for all those who enter the Welcome Centre
19.  NEW ACTIVITIES  - the list of suggestions in now very long. Pray for wisdom and God's timing as to new initiatives to take.
20.  ROOMS TO RENT - pray for more people to come and rent rooms which will thus increase our income.
Prayer changes things so we are expecting God to do great things.
Trisha Wick


Saturday, 14 May 2016


My Mum, Johnny, will be 90 years old this Tuesday - May 17th. We are having a special party for her at her Care Home in Scarborough and some of her Filey friends will be there plus her family. Pray for a great day and many more happy and healthy years of life.





Here is the latest news:

1.    The Cafe is getting busier and our new Manager is doing a great job.
2.    Flowers are planted and vegetables will follow soon.
3.    We have several new volunteers for the Cafe and Reception
4.    The Welcome Centre was used as a Polling Station on May 5th and so bought many new people into the building.
5.    Our three people on the Recognized Parish Assistants Course have made a good start and are enjoying it
6.    Our BMO (Bishop's Mission Order) came into being on May 1st
7.    A generous donor has given money to replace our old fridges/freezers which are 12 years old
8.    The meeting with Diocesan Leaders on April 22nd to look at strategy for my work and the Welcome Centre was very good but no easy answer to free me from being trapped in the building
9.    The Library have now moved into our building so I look forward to working in partnership with them
10.  Our slow cooker course is a huge success
1.     I need funding for training volunteers and for other kitchen equipment. Pray for God to provide.
2.     Pray for our Bake Off with Street Party in June and Summer Fair in July.
3.     Refurbishing our hall including new heating is a massive and expensive challenge but needs to be done before next winter.
4.     I will soon have a weeks holiday to be with Mum for her 90th birthday which is on May 17th. A number of people have been asking for her address so they can send her a card. It is as follows:
        Muriel Wick, Room 22, Scarborough Hall Care Home, Mount View Avenue, Scarborough YO12 4EQ
5.     Pray that God will give me joy in doing admin and grant proposals which I find tedious
6.     We would like to start a group with a Christian foundation for children of primary school age. Pray as we seek to build a team of people to lead it.
7.     Pray for preparations for my licensing on July 5th at 6.00 pm. All welcome.
8.     Pray for protection in the building as we have had a problem with a drug addict and also with some troublesome young people.
9.     Pray for some more amazing answers to prayer which are a great encouragement.
10.   Pray for God to provide an Assistant Manager.
Many thanks for your prayers. God bless
Trisha Wick