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Canon Trisha Wick retired from CMS where she was a Mission Partner in South Sudan .
She is now a Pioneer Minister in Hull at the St Margarets Welcome Centre on Longhill Estate

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Prayer changes things and we are seeing amazing answers to prayer. This month I am asking you to pray for just four areas where we wish to see progress. Please surround these in prayer for the next month:
1.   We want to see new people join our Wednesday Bible Study and Thursday morning Holy Communion.
2.   Please surround Calder Grove and St. Margaret's Court with prayer as I start door to door visiting in these streets. Pray for good conversations and building of fruitful contacts
3.   Pray for the appointment of a part time Caretaker which is now being advertised
4.   Pray for preparations for our July activities - Longhill Songs of Praise, Summer Fayre, Don't Miss the Boat.  Funding is needed.
P.S. Some of you are asking about my Mother. After a couple of setbacks recently with sores on her bottom and chesty cough she is now improving and much brighter now she is not confined to bed. It is her 91st birthday on May 17th.
Keep praying! God bless

Trisha Wick

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


This month I am simply asking you to pray fervently for the following:
APRIL 14TH AT 4.00PM  -  'THE GREAT EGGSCAPE' - our Easter Outreach service
1.  Pray for Holy Trinity musicians who will play for us
2.  Pray that the amplification and projector work smoothly
3.  Pray for a good sized congregation as some of our regulars are away for Easter. Pray for new people to join us
4.  Pray for powerful preaching of the Easter story and that people will turn to Christ
5.  Pray for our resurrection party
1.  Pray for funding needed
2.  Pray for involvement of our local schools
3.  Pray for the contributions our different groups will make to decorating the building, refreshments etc.
4.  Pray for Fiona Smith and her 'Caravan of Love'
5.  Publicity for the events
6.  Our Summer Fayre is also on July 22nd so pray for preparations for that
1.  Pray for successful outcomes for project proposals I am writing
2.  Pray for funding for new hymn books, training activities, new outside notice boards, new tables etc.
3.  Pray for Cafe income to increase as we develop the Cafe
1.  We have new high level vegetable beds where we are growing vegetables for the Cafe. These are in our courtyard so pray that they are not vandalized or vegetables stolen
2.  We need more volunteers to help with watering/gardening
1.  Pray for Maureen, Dorothy and David who will be confirmed on May 14th
2.  Pray for preparation classes
Thank you for your prayers. Prayer changes things!
May God bless you this Easter

Trisha Wick

Monday, 13 March 2017


At the beginning of March we had a Volunteers Get Together for all the volunteers who are part of our team in the Welcome Centre. There was a good turnout – see some of them in the photo above. It was an opportunity to thank them for the valuable work they do, to share ideas together and to have fellowship over a bring and share afternoon tea. We had a good meeting of our Social Events Planning Group to plan activities for this year. We have had some high level vegetable beds constructed in the courtyard outside the Chapel. We are in the midst of some Soup Making Sessions and First Aid Training is in the offing. Some of the Diocesan Leaders came for an annual meeting when we discussed finance, building issues, future plans and other concerns. I have visited our local pubs and schools. I have blessed a friend's new house and preached at some of our local churches in East Hull. I went to a Safe Guarding Update Meeting in Beverley and we held a CMS CommuniTea when I shared about my work. We held a Mega Brew in the Cafe to support Fairtrade. Messy Church continues and we have a grant for new chairs for the Chapel. We completed our ‘START’ Course are about to start a Lent Course using the York Course ‘Receiving Christ – in five different ways’. I have even started, when I am free, to go to a weekly Clubbercise Session – which is keep fit in the dark holding glow sticks!
1.    Our new schools team – Maggie, Trisha, Linda and Karen
2.    Money needed – new hymn books, 2 laptops, salary for a part time cook for our Cafe
3.    Messy Church – for new families to join us
4.    More volunteers are needed for the Cafe/Kitchen
5.    Pastoral visiting team to be further developed
6.    Plans for our Longhill  City of Culture 2017 events to be held in July – ‘Rivers of Life’ - Longhill Songs of Praise and 'Don't Miss The Boat' (community boat building activity and party)
7.    I am about to start regular door to door visiting – pray for good conversations
8.    We are about to develop a Prayer Chain
9.    Pray for our 5 week Lent Course – for new people to join us
10.  Pray for preparations for ‘The Great Eggscape’ – our main Easter outreach service. It will include a resurrection party.
11.  Pray for God to provide us with musicians
12.  Pray for developing links with the young people who meet in the building on three nights each week
Please be faithful in praying regularly for us.
Trisha Wick

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Greetings everyone. The news for this month is found in the prayer requests below. I would value your ongoing prayers for these items as prayer changes things!
1.  A kind friend is giving us their digital piano however we have no one to play it and need other musicians too. Pray for God to provide musicians
2.  Pray for our monthly Messy Church for families. The next two are on Feb. 10th and March 17th. Pray for new families to join us and for the Messy Church leadership team.
3.  Pray as we plan for our main Easter outreach service which will be called 'The Great Eggscape'. It will be followed by a resurrection party.
4.  We don't want Hull City of Culture 2017 to pass us by on Longhill so we are proposing to organize several activities for July including a Songs of Praise for Longhill on July 19th and 'Don't Miss the Boat' when we hope to build a boat outside the Centre on the same day as our Summer Fayre - July 22nd. Our theme is 'Rivers of Life' as the roads on Longhill are all named after rivers. We want to decorate the Centre inside and out with fish and other displays. The groups using the Centre are full of good ideas and are excited at the prospect.
5.  Now we have heating in the Hall we have a couple of new bookings but need more to increase our income in order to pay our utility bills.
6.  Our 'Start' course will finish in mid February. We are planning to do a Lent Course this year.

7.  Pray for the following event at our Welcome Centre: 
Welcome to afternoon tea with a message
150 Shannon Road, Longhill,  Hull   HU8 9PD

with the Rev’d Trisha Wick

Wednesday, 22nd February
1.30 – 2.30
followed by Afternoon Tea

an invitation to the churches in Hull to come and be encouraged by this exciting venture of faith on Hull’s Longhill Estate
 HULL & District C M S Association (Founded in 1814) 

God bless you all for your prayers and support

Trisha Wick


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

December Newsletter

As I write this I am in the midst of the Christmas rush and will be relieved when its over. On Christmas Day I have a service to take at a local church which means I won't get to Mum in Scarborough in time for Christmas lunch so will go and open Christmas presents with her once I get there. I think my Christmas lunch will be a frozen dinner for one after I've seen Mum!

On Longhill we had a successful Christmas Fair and I then had the last week of November off to use up more of my holiday before the end of the year. I was in Filey and spent good time with Mum including various outings which were fun. Pray that Mum stays well over the Christmas period so she can enjoy the festivities and outings planned.  I find Filey relaxing and gives me space to think, however the week was interrupted with various work emails, phone calls and admin issues and I visited Hull mid week too, so not easy to switch off this time. I thank Barbara for covering for me so I could have this break.

Other Christmas activities include:
Dec. 14th  Christmas Chaos including an adult nativity play with a cast of 20 of us from the Welcome Centre. Come and join us at 3.30pm.
Dec. 19th  The Fourth King - a journey through the Christmas story.
Dec. 22nd  Christmas Lunch in our Cafe.

The good news is that we now have new heating in the Hall. Praise God!  We now need people to hire it.

1.  We need musicians, instruments, data projector operator and someone who can work our amplification system.
2.  Pray for more people to hire rooms so we can increase our income
3.  Pray for Jill, our Cafe Manager and her team of volunteers
4.  Pray for protection of the building against vandalism especially when closed over Christmas/New Year
5.  Our Messy Church has huge potential so pray for the team leading it 
6.  Our 'Start' Course will begin in January - very good for non Christians etc.
7.  During the Christmas break I will go through the whole of my office at home clearing out and getting everything in order. I need to do the same with my office in the Welcome Centre.
8.  At St. Margaret's we support Lynn Treneary who is a CMS Mission Partner in Maridi in South Sudan. She works at the College where I was formerly Principal. Pray for her safety during this time of
     insecurity in the country.

Several people have been asking for my Mum's address so they can send her a Christmas card. It is:
Muriel Wick, Room 22, Scarborough Hall Care Home, Mount View Avenue, Scarborough YO12 4EQ.

May God bless you this Christmas and help us to keep Christ at the centre.

Trisha Wick

Saturday, 12 November 2016


Greetings everyone. This month I want to share with you how we are developing church on Longhill and ask you to pray for some specific needs we have at present.
When I began my work I did not come with a set plan of how I would develop and grow church on Longhill. I prayed that with God’s help this would emerge as I listened to, sought advice and planned with local people.  There was no Sunday service and the main service was a Holy Communion Service on a Thursday morning at 11.30 am. Attendance on average was 5 – 10 people. This service continues and has slowly been growing in numbers. Maggie Jeavons (from our mother church, St. Michael’s) and myself share the leadership of this. Most who attend usually have lunch together in our Cafe afterwards.
In January this year I started a ‘Christianity – What’s it all about?’ group meeting on Wednesdays from 1.30-2.30pm. We started by answering questions people were asking about Christianity. This then led into a ‘Moving On’ course. After that we studied the Book of Philippians followed by studies from the Book of Acts on ‘How can my church grow?’. We are now looking at some of the Psalms until the end of the year. In the New Year  the group has requested to do the ‘Start Course’ in order to help people summarize what they believe so they can share their faith with others. We have about 12 regular attenders at this Wednesday Group plus several more who come and go, with a few new people recently.
On the first Tuesday of every month we meet at 7.30pm for an hour to pray for the work on Longhill. It is good to see more people having the courage to pray out loud. We have three prayer spaces in the building where people can leave prayer requests.
Since I started on Longhill we have had several services in our Cafe on special festivals such as Christmas and Easter. This has now developed into a monthly Cafe Church. We did our first one at Harvest last month and expected 20-30 people and 70 turned up including about 20 children. Our next one is on November 9th when we will have a Time of Remembrance. Our Christmas Cafe Church is called ‘Christmas Chaos’ and will be on December 14th. During this we will be doing an adult nativity play which will be hilarious. I think I will be a sheep! I think Cafe Church will soon have to move into the Hall for safety reasons if we continue to get good numbers attending. Under the banner of Cafe Church I expect in the future to include some more imaginative services and maybe different ways of doing things and sharing our faith as God leads and as we sense what people on Longhill will respond to.  Many are curious about my remit to do church in a new way and that they can have a say and work with me to do it.  Exciting!
I have three new Recognized Parish Assistants and we have had a real burden to start a group with a Christian foundation for parents and children. I asked them to go and pray and plan and they felt God was saying we should move into a monthly ‘Messy Church’ for families in particular. We did our first one at the end of October and there were 33 of us which was encouraging. Parents must accompany their children and it was good to see all ages involved in the activities and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The leadership team has grown to seven people (without me) who plan and run it. I am supervising, advising and encouraging in these early stages. It is wonderful to see the leaders flourishing and enthusiastic as they accept this new challenge. There is some overlap with those from Messy Church who attend Cafe Church and we hope increasingly that Messy Church will feed more people into Cafe Church and other spiritual activities.
1.   For new Christians to grow in their faith
2.   New chairs are needed for the Chapel and the Hall – pray for funding
3.   Thank God for the non church goers who are now starting to attend Cafe Church and Messy Church
4.   Pray for many more people to join our services as we reach out to people on Longhill
5.   We desperately need musicians and instruments
6.   We need people who can work amplification equipment and data projector
7.   Thank God for the leadership teams for Cafe Church and Messy Church and that these teams will grow in number (and that DBS checks are done quickly)
8.   Pray for safety in the building for everyone.
9.   With new initiatives my workload is increasing so pray for wisdom in how I use my time.  I desperately need space to think, pray and reflect and opportunities to escape from work to do this – not easy.
10. Pray for fruit from our contacts with local schools
God is so good and sometimes I feel He answers prayers before I even pray them! We need to pray people into Church as well as developing friendships and trust with people who enter the building for the variety of activities we provide. We want to reflect the love and care of Christ in all we do.
Please pray fervently for God’s church on Longhill as we seek to grow and develop it.
God bless
Trisha Wick

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Mum enjoyed afternoon tea at Stain Glass Tearoom today.